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„You don't have to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results.”

Warren Buffett

We don't promise anything extraordinary; we simply unlock additional value from real estate in the form of passive income.

The brand WHITE WOLF ESTATES was born out of a passion for creating added value from real estate, in the form of both increasing its worth over time and generating passive income by providing our clients with investment ready properties.

By purchasing the right apartment in a good location and with the appropriate finishing touches, we achieve both of these goals simultaneously. We love beautiful, modern interiors, have an interest in design and keep track of trends. As a result, we deliver apartments to our clients that increase in value over time, while tenants appreciate the space they rent. Returns on investments are not a promise, but rather real results that we achieve within the established budget – that is our priority for every project.

To achieve our clients' goals, we engage experts and enthusiasts in their respective fields. With many reputable partners, we can ensure high quality in terms of finishing and rental management.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the banking sector, when the need arises, we can provide comprehensive or partial financing for investments, while ensuring low costs and a swift credit decision process. We approach each investment individually and holistically, taking into account the financial possibilities and long-term goals of our clients.


Our mission is to provide our clients with beautiful apartments that offer increasing value over time and a steady passive income.


We carry out investments with great passion through cooperation with trusted Partners, taking care to achieve the goals set by the client. We take direct care of the entire investment process from start to finish.


In our work, we are guided by values that form the basis for our actions and building relationships with each client.

Responsibility - We take responsibility for the entire investment process, from purchasing the apartment to delivering the complete set of keys to the tenant and the second set to the investor. We uphold the conditions agreed upon in the contracts.
Cooperation - Cooperation is the foundation of every client relationship and the key to the success of each project.
Honesty - Honesty is our cornerstone in communication with clients. We never promise anything that we cannot deliver.


Investment Ready Properties:
It is the purchase of an apartment for rental purposes, providing a specific rate of return, typically ranging between 6-9%.

It offers a dual benefit from the property: firstly, the increase in property value over time, and secondly, a steady passive income ranging between 2000-6000 PLN per month.

We provide comprehensive project management related to delivering investment ready properties, which includes the purchase, finishing, and rental of the apartment.
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What makes us stand out:

Decades of banking experience: Our several years of banking experience allow us to approach apartments primarily from an investment perspective. We adhere to the budget and goals set with the client, and when needed, we provide favorable investment financing.
High-quality apartments: We deliver apartments of high-quality craftsmanship, beautifully and functionally designed, in good locations, often from the primary market.
Selecting the right tenants: Through a reliable and well-established process, we ensure proper tenant selection leading to rental agreements.
Cooperation with top rental operators: We cooperate with the best rental operators to provide our clients with a stable income and long-term security.
Tailored approach: We treat each project uniquely, taking into account the individual needs and goals of our clients, to provide customized solutions that meet their expectations.
Trustworthy relationships: We build lasting relationships based on trust, integrity, and honesty in every interaction with our clients.


How does the investment process work?

The investment process with White Wolf Estates consists of several stages in which the investor participates remotely or in person. We also carry out projects through a representative investment system, both in the mode of representation as well as with Power of Attorney to conclude agreements.

Stage 0: Consultation

Free consultation and ROI examples for selected standard projects
Discussion of assumptions and scope of work with the involvement of White Wolf Estates

Stage 1: Budget and investment objectives

Signing a contract of mandate with White Wolf Estates
Analysis of the Investor's needs and financial capabilities
Determining the investment strategy and location for the investment apartment
Determination of preliminary budget and ROI

Stage 2: Selection and Purchase of Investment Property

Preparing proposals for apartments for purchase and providing advice on selection
Assistance in negotiating prices and payment schedules with the developer, commissioning an analysis of the developer's agreement
Assistance in obtaining financing for the purchase of the property, if needed.

Stage 3: Approval of Visualizations and Apartment Finishing According to the Project

Presenting several visualizations and advising on the selection of the apartment design
Preparing a detailed cost estimate for the apartment finishing and an investment business plan with a specified investment return rate
Supervising the apartment finishing, purchasing materials, settling payments with contractors according to the project and cost estimate
Preparing the apartment for rental

Stage 4: Tenant Recruitment and Lease Agreement Signing

Collaborating with a real estate agency to search for and recruit tenants
Participating in apartment viewings and presentations
Verifying potential tenants and finalizing the process by having the investor sign the lease agreement

Stage 5: Rental Management

Recommendation of rental management companies


Why is it worth investing in real estate and investment properties?

Why is it worth investing in real estate and investment properties?


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